Telenor Quiz Today 07 October 2021 Answer Question – My Telenor answer today.

Today Telenor answered the 07 October quiz to test your skills to win free MBs internet data. Telenor app today’s answers and questions that are 100% accurate can help you win Telenor FREE MBs. My Telenor app game to win today’s response and get free MBs. Telenor application to win internet data free, Telenor App question and answer. Telenor quiz Answers. Today Telenor answer

Today Telenor Answer 07 October

Telenor Quiz Today 07 October 2021

My Telenor “app” Test Your Skills Answers / Question: my Telenor quiz today my Telenor test your skills.

Hello, friends! How do you feel? I hope you’ll be well. This blog is written for you all Pakistani Telenor customers or users. Do you visit our site daily? Here is my Telenor quiz on daily updates at the right time.

Telenor Quiz answer App:

If you’d like to access My Telenor application Quiz Answer and get free MB, I’ll give you the following link. It is possible to install it from there. When you first install the application, you will receive 500 MB of free internet. Through this application, you can install all packages that come with free internet and install additional SIM packages.

In addition to the internet service, It also comes with many other features that allow you to pay your bill at home and many other options. My Telenor App Link: App Download

Are you looking for My Telenor App quiz answers? This is the correct answer. I took all questions and even took the test. First, you can open the Your Telenor App, after which click The menu “Test your knowledge” here.

A step-by-step guide to gain access to free internet

Step one is to launch the My Telenor app and then click Test Your Skills Answers

Telenor Test Your Skills Answers Then, you need to click the Test Your Skills button

You will be asked five questions.

They must answer the questions.

These five questions can give you 50-100 MB of free internet per day if you answer these five questions.

Test Your Skills

Today’s Telenor quiz: In what country do you see that statue of Liberty. Where is the famous wall? The Eiffel Tower is famously built in what country? Which country are famed pyramids from Giza in? Where can the highest building Burj Khalifa be located?

Katlama is connected to what city?






Which one of these is a dish that is not a Pakistani dish?


Halwa Puri




Biryani is a food item.





What is the dish that is a mix of Meat, Pulses and Wheat, and Pulses?





Dahi Baray is a.





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